Coach Red

Hey Crew,

My name is Simon Cockrem and I am Head Coach and CO owner of CrossFit HBZ 4880, you can call me Coach Red because I could possibly be the biggest Ranga you have ever seen! I discovered CrossFit for the first time in 2011 when I arrived home from eating and drinking my way around Europe for 8 weeks. I returned massively overweight, tipping the scales at a whopping 135kgs. I knew the moment I stepped off those that this couldn’t continue and some serious life changes were in order.

It just so happened that on that very day I was driving to work and saw a sign on the side of the road advertising the ‘CrossFit Dungeon’; I thought to myself, what the hell is CrossFit? And why is it being held in a dungeon? As soon as I got to work I hopped on Google to investigate what this “CrossFit thing” was. Five minutes later I had signed up to the Fundamentals Class and my CrossFit journey had begun.


It wasn’t easy in that first month; I had a lot of demons to conquer (like not knowing what ‘nutrition’ was), but after 3 months I had a new lease on life and everything started falling into place. After 6 months I went from 135kg to 103kg; I was a changed man and I have never looked back. It was never easy or very pretty, but with hard work, the support of the CrossFit community and my first coach and mentor Trevor, I got there.

After a year of being the student I decided I wanted to become a guide and mentor for others, to help them change their lives as I had changed mine. So I began my internship at CrossFit Dungeon and CrossFit Barrier Reef. As time passed I became more and more convinced that I wanted to make CrossFIt coaching my life. As things turned out, around this time Tommy opened up CrossFit HBZ on the Atherton Tablelands.


Despite running over the top of him during our years on the footy field (there is no footage of this, but there is no way he could stop the Big Red Rig), I had never met Tommy before we crossed paths in CrossFit circles. After we did, I began coaching and training at HBZ. One thing led to another and I decided to quit my very comfortable job of 14 years to open up Mareeba’s first CrossFit box in partnership with Tommy.

We’re extremely excited to be bringing CrossFit HBZ 4880 to this community. I can’t wait to start coaching and teaching in Mareeba; I hope I can help change people’s lives like CrossFit has changed mine.

See you soon!

Simon ‘Big D’ Cockrem

• CrossFit Trainer Level 1
• CrossFit Strongman Certificate
• CrossFit Football Certificate
• CrossFit Olympic lifting Certificate
• Level 1 & 2 AIK Kettlebell Trainer
• Queensland Blue Card
• Weightlifting Seminars: Bob Takano & Donny Shankle

1 thought on “Coach Red”

  1. Aldis and I had our first day today. What a community. Everyone supported the new comers and other members in the class. We are definitely going back. Now I know why my son, grandson and granddaughter love it so much.

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