“A hero is one that knows how to hang on for one, minute, longer.” – Norwegian Proverb

Often the difference between those who make it, and those who don’t.

If we want to see it through, we have got to be able to hang on. To push further than before. Success is like a wrestling match, with bouts of incredibly high intensity, and full of twists and turns. But in that… it’s a test of endurance.

The math is there. If we stop… we won’t make it. That part is guaranteed, as life is not a lottery. It’s instead what we make of it.

Warm up

300m run
20m Spider-man
20 SL RDLs
20m SL Hop
20 Weighted GBs
300m run
20 SA Thrusters
20 Halos
20 Weighted GBs
20 SA Swings

“Fish Out of Water”

For Time:
2k Row
Directly Into…
10 Rounds:
3 Power Cleans
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

Kilos: 62.5/42.5kg

Deadlift Stamina

4 Sets:
15 Unbroken Deadlifts @ 53% 1RM