Atherton & Cairns WOD

Warm up
200m run
20m Spider-man
20 Wall balls
30sec Keg Stretch
200m run
20 Kipping swings
20 Hollow rocks
20 Super-man rocks
200m run
10 BB RDLs
10 Front Squats
10 HPC
10 Push Jerks


“Tres Leches”
On the 0:00… “Tres Leches” Part #1:
30 Clean and Jerks 50/35kg
On the 10:00… “Tres Leches” Part #2:
30 Kipping HSPU
30 Bar Muscle-Ups
On the 20:00… “Tres Leches” Part #3:
1 Mile Run
Track all three completion times. Score for the day is the sum of the three. Every second counts.

Atherton & Cairns WOD

Warm up
200m run
20 Banded GMs
20 Banded P/A
20m Spider-man
200m run
20 SL RDLs
20 SA Swings
20 Swing arounds
200m run
20 SA Thrusters
20 Swings
20m Burpee Broad Jump

Back Squat
3 Back Squats @ 79%
2 Back Squats @ 82%
1 Back Squat @ 85%
3 Back Squats @ 82%
2 Back Squats @ 85%
1 Back Squat @ 88%
3 Back Squats @ 85%
2 Back Squats @ 88%
1 Back Squat @ 91%

Body Armor
Part A – 3 Giant Sets:
20m Single Arm OH Walk (left)
20m Single Arm OH Walk (right)
7 Inverted Pausing Rows (2s pause)
Rest 1:00 between sets.
Part B – 3 Giant Sets:
9 Sumo Deadlifts
20m Double DB Walking Lunge (hang hold)
Rest 2:00 between sets.

Atherton & Cairns WOD


On your own:
“Tip Toe”
For Time:
200 Meter Run, 21 TTB, 21 Burpees
200 Meter Run, 18 TTB, 18 Burpees
200 Meter Run, 15 TTB, 15 Burpees
200 Meter Run, 12 TTB, 12 Burpees
200 Meter Run, 9 TTB, 9 Burpees
200 Meter Run, 6 TTB, 6 Burpees
200 Meter Run, 3 TTB, 3 Burpees

In Pairs
“Tip Toe”
For Time:
400 Meter Run, 30 TTB, 30 Burpees
400 Meter Run, 28 TTB, 28 Burpees
400 Meter Run, 26 TTB, 26 Burpees
400 Meter Run, 24 TTB, 24 Burpees
400 Meter Run, 22 TTB, 22 Burpees
400 Meter Run, 20 TTB, 20 Burpees
400 Meter Run, 18 TTB, 18 Burpees

Can split the run, Share reps as needed.

Mareeba WOD

Good Friday

“It is difficult to capture Ian in words. In many ways a contradiction; his unapologetic and uncensored drive, determination and swearing was as intense as his kindness, intelligence and loyalty.
Ian was a highly respected operator with the 2nd Commando Regiment and devoted to every aspect of life as a soldier.

Even as a kid Ian had been obsessed with becoming a Special Forces soldier. He enlisted in the Australian Army in 2000 and his first posting was to 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) in Townsville as a Rifleman. In 2003 he decided to pursue his ambition and completed his Commando selection and Reinforcement cycle, and was then posted to 4th Battalion RAR (Commando), now known as 2nd Commando Regiment.

In 2004 Ian took a break from the Army and moved back to Tasmania to marry his high school sweetheart, Jo, and start a family. Ian became an adoring dad to his son Xander and daughter Ella. During this time he posted to the Army Reserves at 12/40 Royal Tasmanian Regiment, but disheartened by work opportunities as a civilian he found work in Iraq as a private security contractor.

Ian missed Defence life, so in 2006 he moved backed to Sydney with Jo and the kids and went back to fulltime ADF service in the 2nd Commando Regiment.

Whilst juggling a demanding career and being devoted to his family, Ian completed a Bachelor of Arts in Security, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism and a Masters in Strategy and Security. His capacity to apply himself and achieve a high standard in anything he set his mind to was inspiring to say the least. The opposing side to his driven personality was, in his own words, an “untamed beast” that would lead him into destruction and depression. This was his greatest battle, and one that saw him end his own life in 2017.

The movements in Ian’s WOD were chosen by his children, one of their favourite memories with their Dad was going to his work gym and trying to follow him through his gruelling workouts. The 15+21 reps each round equal 36 for the 36 glorious years he lived.”

Source & Consent: Jo Turner (Spouse).

Ian deployed on the following Operations:
Operation Tanager (East Timor) 2001-2002, Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) 2007-2008, Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) 2009, Domestic Counter Terrorism (TAG-E) 2010, Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) 2011-2012, Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) 2013, Domestic Counter Terrorism (TAG-E) 2014, Operation OKRA (Iraq) 2015, Operation OKRA (Iraq) 2016


5 Rounds for time:

15 Push Press 50/35
21 Front Squat
400m Run

Atherton & Cairns WOD

Warm up

200m run
20 SL RDLs
20 SA Russian Swings
20 SA Thrusters
200m run
20m SL Hops
20m Bear Crawl
20m Spider man
200m run
10 BB GMs
10 BB Front Squats


On the 2:00 x 6 Sets:
Set #1 – 3 Deadlifts
Set #2 – 1 Deadlift
Set #3 – 3 Deadlifts
Set #4 – 1 Deadlift
Set #5 – 3 Deadlifts
Set #6 – 1 Deadlift


In pairs Complete:
“Van Damme”
1 Round:
30 Power Snatches
10 Ring Muscle-Ups
30 Power Clean and Jerks
10 Ring Muscle-Ups
30 Thrusters
10 Ring Muscle-Ups

Mareeba WOD

Part A

5 x 4 @ Heavy – Must reset each rep no TnG

Part B
Strict Handstand Push up
5 x 5 – Challenge yourself here

Part C

8min AMRAP
30 Double unders
20 Air squats
10 Push ups
5 Pull ups

3 Rounds
10 Box step ups 24/20″
10 Single leg Deadlifts 24/16kg